Success Story


Over its 50-year history, Maarif has enriched the lives of tens of thousands of individuals and families across our nation with private education in Saudi Arabia. In 2019 AD, Maarif, a Saudi Company, became one of the mixed investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on a partnership between GOSI and GEMS Education International to elevate the level of education in the Kingdom based on international standards infused with the Saudi identity. Maarif now includes more than 14 educational complexes throughout the Kingdom, namely "Al-Manarat, Al-Faisaliah Schools, Al-Rawabi Al-Khadra International Schools, Noor Al-Islam, and GEMS Saudi International Schools."

We invite you to get acquainted with the vital work of Maarif completed over the past years through inspiring success stories that distinguished Maarif:

  • A Maarif school organized the first TEDx Conference Forum, "Change."
  • Maarif Schools organized the first forum for giftedness and creativity, entitled “Our School's Gifted, A Generation That Conquers Crises with Innovative Creative Solutions.”
  • Maarif's Children rank first in most local and international competitions. In the Elite Forum, Maarif students represented 11% of the total participants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The talented Yousef Ahmed Yousef Al-Rabiah represents Maarif within the Advisory Committee of the Space Generations Program of the Saudi Space Authority.
  • Talented Ruby Khaled invents a device for people who are hard of hearing and gets a significant prize and fifth place in the 2021 National Olympiad for Giftedness and Creativity.
  • Talented Nouran Al-Youssef joins the Arab Space Genius Program, sponsored by the Emirates Space Agency.
  • KAUST selects future scientists from Maarif and supports them in obtaining a bachelor's degree from the most prestigious American universities.
  • A Maarif school crowned as the best summer enrichment program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Many of Maarif's children get a final average of 100% in aptitude (Qudrat) and achievement (Tahseeli) tests.
  • In sports, Maarif's students have secured top positions in various tournaments. Recently, student Hassan Hazem Abed won the bronze medal in the Kingdom's Under-17 Fencing Championship.
  • Maarif also presents the children's knowledge as a source of social inspiration. Student Al-Jazi Al-Ahmadi represented Maarif as a speaker and inspirer in the Scientific Conference on Giftedness and Creativity 2020 sessions.
  • Maarif is proud of the presence of its students in the most prestigious international universities, such as Modi Turki Al-Amal at Tufts University in the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America, Nada Bader Al-Hashem and Yasmine Al-Mahmoud at Harvard University in the United States, Batoul Al-Awami at the Royal Academy of Sandhurst in the United Kingdom, and other students in various countries of the world.