Published Date 13/06/2023 01:57 PM

Dear Guests…Welcome

Welcome to Maarif Education (Al Manarat Schools, Al Faisaliyah Islamic Schools, Noor Al Islam, Gems Saudi International Schools, Ajyal International Schools, Green Hills International Schools), where we strive to achieve academic excellence, and provide an educational environment that enables our students to develop their abilities and skills and enables them to achieve their ambitions while overcoming the challenges of future life. The vision of Maarif Education is reflected in our work to develop our students into citizens that contribute to the progress and development of their society and are active and influential in the programs and activities in which they engage. They enshrine humanitarian and Islamic values and preserve the rich culture of our beloved country, which we adopt in all our educational institutions. They are therefore ready for the rapid developments taking place now and in the future. Maarif will achieve its vision through ambitious planning, its staff's determination and extensive experience, and strong partnerships with parents and external institutions.